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Fernando Tatis Jr. suspension update: Haircut gone bad

Without having started, the 2022 season of the San Diego Padres' stellar Dominican shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. came to an end after being suspended for 80 games after violating MLB's banned substance use policy, however, the origin of this rule violation seems to be unusual, to say the least.

The crazy story was recounted Monday by former MLB player Fernando Tatis Sr., father of the scandal's protagonist, to famed MLB reporter Hector Gomez, and it begins, as hard as it may seem to believe, in a barber shop.

How did a haircut lead to Fernando Tatis Jr.'s suspension?

According to Tatis Sr., after a haircut, his son began to develop a fungus on his skin, perhaps due to an allergy, and due to the discomfort that this fungus caused to the 23 year old star, he decided to take a medication to alleviate it, this medication had a substance that was the reason why the Padres player tested positive in the anti-doping test.

"All of this has happened because of something that is not worth this issue," Tatís Sr. said to Gómez. "This is something for the skin, that's something that's not performance enhancing and has no testosterone. It has nothing to help you improve in the game."

According to "El Niño's" father, his son is not a cheater, he simply committed the oversight of not reading what was contained in the medicine, which, in any case constitutes an irresponsible offense, since players are responsible for everything they put into their body, especially medicines, which they should consult with their team's medical staff before ingesting.

Is Fernando Tatis Jr. a cheater?

"It was a mistake that could have been handled differently," Tatís Sr. said. "Destroy the image of a player for such a small thing, for a situation like this is a catacstrophe not just for Tatís Jr. but for all baseball."

Despite this explanation, Fernando Tatis Jr. accepted his responsibility and has abided by MLB's punishment.

"I should have used the resources available to me in order to ensure that no banned substances were in what I took," Tatis Jr. said. "I failed to do so."

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