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Jacob Ingebrigtsen wins the 5000m final, Hugo Hay falls after coming in contact with Mohamed Katir

Photo: Vlad Indrei

Aug 16, 2022

Four years after his first title over the distance, Jacob Ingebrigtsen won the 5,000m at the European Championships on Tuesday in 13’21’13”, ahead of the Spaniard Mohamed Katir (13’22”98) and the Italian Yemaneberhan Crippa (13’24”83).

In third position at halfway, the Frenchman Hugo Hay fell after 9’30” of the race and could not pick up. As soon as the finish line was crossed in 13’45”63 (19th), Hay went to see Katir to tell him of his displeasure and tell him that he had pushed him.

” I am very angry, reacted Hay. I followed the instructions, I didn’t make any mistakes. Khatir needs to get disqualified. It’s right at the wrong time. I am well placed and the other comes and pushes me. There was no room to pass. He pushes me, I shift and I trip on Mike’s feet (Foppen). And there I fall and it’s over. It’s like the season, it’s a shitty season. We’re going to go on vacation, change karma and leave again next year. It’s annoying, there’s always something.

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