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Revealed: The reason why Gareth Bale chose LAFC

Gareth Bale's future was in the balance after announcing his departure from Real Madrid. There was talk at the time of a move to his hometown club Cardiff City. However, it was Los Angeles FC who won the battle to sign him.

John Thorrington, the team's general manager, explained how things came about in order to sign the former Los Blancos forward, with Bale having had significant doubts when he was first approached.

"He had some questions and we would bring in an expert to talk about it," Thorrington told the Press Association.

"Whether that was our strength and conditioning staff, or whether he was involving an owner in the conversation.

"I think what helped is Gareth's knowledge of Los Angeles, knowing what the club offered, which was unique from the other options, and we were grateful that the stars aligned, and we were able to pull it off."

Bale: I'm not here for short termAP

Money was not an issue for Bale

For Bale, money was not an issue, as Thorrington explained, despite the fact he was one of the higher earners in Spain by the time he left Real Madrid.

"It was being in an environment where he felt he could thrive and feel comfortable," he continued.

"Where his family could be comfortable and put himself in a position where he could be successful in preparation for the World Cup and for the next few years of his career."

Even Will Ferrell, one of the club's owners, sent a message to Bale before his move to try to convince him. A celebrity who, since arriving at LAFC, has endeared himself to the fans.

Gareth Bale' goal was to get 100 percent fit for Qatar 2022

The main objective for Bale was to be physically fit for the upcoming World Cup. The former Real Madrid player is Wales' main star and his team needs him to do well.

However, his commitment with the North American franchise goes beyond the end of the year.

"It was very clear to us that this was not just a short-term decision for Gareth and his family," he added.

"We knew that he wanted to think longer term, which is why we structured the deal accordingly."

Since his arrival in the United States, Bale has changed. He has regained his smile and happiness both on and off the pitch.

He is focused on this new phase and wants to help LAFC win the MLS Cup. He has scored two MLS goals thus far.

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