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Real Madrid are growing concerned by the treatment Vinicius is getting

As picked up by the cameras of 'El Dia Despues,' Vinicius Junior was left offended by Mallorca coach Javier Aguirre encouraging his players to "hit him, hit him" in Real Madrid's recent win.

The Brazilian admitted to Nacho that he had heard the Mexican coach say it. There was, however, more. The coach also encouraged his team to "break" Vinicius.

In the middle of the game, Vinicius turned away from the action on the field and sprinted off toward the bench of the other team as a result of the comments. He was understandably unimpressed by the coach's words.

Vinicius ran away from the ball in an instantaneous response that suggested a significant incident had occurred. Toni Kroos' presence and fast response kept things from getting worse.

Vinicius was brought to his senses by Carlo Ancelotti, who also played a significant role in keeping the forward from overreacting.

"What happens on the pitch, that's where it stays," said Javier Aguirre when asked about what happened.

Vinicius and the Mallorca players, especially Pablo Maffeo, did not forget what had happened in the game played in Palma last season.

Vinicius the target

From the very beginning, Mallorca made it obvious that one of their goals was to make Vinicius feel uncomfortable in any way possible. They were successful.

Real Madrid know that Mallorca went further than most sides will, but are concerned that targeting the Brazilian in this way will become commonplace.

Avoiding conflict

The winger should practice calmness and composure, according to Carlo Ancelotti and several teammates. They are aware that he views football differently than many others, but they also recognise that he is not seeking conflict or anything similar.

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