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The Pogba case continues: I was scared, the two guys pointed their guns at me

More details of the 'Pogba case' have emerged following last Friday's videos of Mathias Pogba, in which, among other things, he accused his brother Paul of using sorcerers against Kylian Mbappe.

The latest instalment cites an investigation by the Paris prosecutor's office, claiming that the Juventus player admits to having used a sorcerer to protect himself from the frequent injuries he suffered, but denies having used it to harm Mbappe.

New twist in Pogba extortion probe, as brother releases over 30 videos

"I never intended to harm anyone," Paul Pogba told investigators from France's Central Office for the Fight Against Organised Crime (OCLCO), according to the Daily Mail.

The English newspaper also reports further details of the investigation in which Pogba claims that hooded men armed with rifles attacked him on the outskirts of Paris on March 19 and demanded more than 12 million euros.

"I was scared. The two guys pointed their guns at me," he explained to investigators.

"Since they were holding me like that at gunpoint, I told them I would pay.

"They shouted at me: 'Shut up, look down'. When the two hooded men left, Roushdane told me that I had to pay because otherwise we were all in danger."

Concern in the French national team

The French national team is no stranger to what is happening with Pogba, as Raphael Varane spoke about in his media appearance.

Preocupación en la selección francesa con el caso Pogba

"Do you talk among yourselves about all this?" the defender was asked.

"We try to stay focused on the pitch. This is what should come first for us," he insisted.

"Now, we are not insensitive to what is going on around us, especially when it is about people we know. We are concerned, in a way.

"Internally, things are going very well, even if there is a bit of noise around the French national team and French football.

"We are focused on our objective and we want to be as professional as possible."

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