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Brady's Bucs contract clause is causing further headaches with teammates unhappy

Tom Brady might be ruing his decision to return to the NFL. The quarterback signed a contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers following his brief retirement at the end of last season, though the player has faced a barrage of issues.

His much publicized split from wife Gisele Bundchen has dominated most of the headlines, though his constant arguing with team-mates and inability to dodge hits have also contributed to many questioning if he should have returned int he first place.

Problem after problem

The latest issue seems to be his contract, which allows him to take Wednesdays off. Wednesdays are usually when a team's offense builds up its chemistry, meaning Brady's absence has a direct impact on the team's ability to perform.

"The fact that I've worked weekends for the last 23 years, I do deserve one day off a week so I think maybe, and I don't know if it's Wednesdays, but I get Tuesdays off," Brady said. "That's probably good enough for me."

The issue came to the fore following Brady's appearance at New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's wedding in New York.

"All the rules are different for him," NFL expert Bill Simmons said.

"He missed pre-season for 10 days. Football is meant to be this team sport where everyone is on the same side, nobody is bigger than the team, he's acted like he's bigger than the team for ten months. I think it's an embarrassing year for him."

The Buccaneers currently have a 3-4 record in the league.

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