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Casillas' tweet that everyone is talking about: Joke, campaign or truth?

Iker Casilllas has social media in an uproar after posting a surprising message on his official Twitter profile.

"I hope you respect me: I'm gay. Happy Sunday," he wrote.

The tweet was published at 14:10 CEST and since then comments have not stopped.

The big question is what is the meaning of the message: a joke, campaign or truth? Some users are even talking about a possible hacking of the former Real Madrid goalkeeper's account.

There is also speculation that it could be a joke, related to the fact that he is tired of having partners attributed to him.

Casillas' presence in the tabloids has multiplied after his separation from Sara Carbonero.

The idea that it is a joke is reinforced by the fact that Carles Puyol has responded to Casillas' controversial tweet.

"It's time to tell our story, Iker," wrote the former Barcelona captain and ex-teammate of Iker in the national team.

The other explanation for Casillas' tweet is that it is part of an advertising campaign that has yet to be revealed.

It wouldn't be the first time that 'baits' have been used with tweets that get people talking as the starting signal for a campaign. What is clear is that Iker has the last word to reveal what his message really hides.

Casillas deletes tweet

In the end, it appears the tweet's meaning will remain a mystery given that the former Real Madrid goalkeeper decided to delete the message around one hour after posting it.

No further explanation has been given by the World Cup winner.

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