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Kyrie Irving defends himself from anti-Semitic accusations for controversial tweet

In an attempt to distance himself as far away as possible from any Kanye West comparison, Kyrie Irving responded to the backlash that generated him sharing a tweet promoting a movie. Even Brooklyn Nets' owner Joe Tsai expressed his concern over Kyrie's controversial tweet that has misinformation about the Jewish religion. For the last couple of years, Kyrie Irving has leaned on many different ideas and theories that place him as a conspiracist. But the Brooklyn Nets player has always attempted to defend his views from any backlash.

In the past, Kyrie has shared views about vaccines, the flat earth theory and other controversial topics that have contested information. Scientific facts go against many of these theories that people like Kyrie try to entertain. During the peak of the pandemic, the NBA star was suspended from all activitty because he refused to get vaccinated. It's clear Kyrie sees himself as a so-called "free thinker". But his actions can sometimes become dangerous to others, especially because he has a massive platform to share his ideas.

Kyrie Irving, the Omnist

Before we share what Kyrie Irving responded through a tweet, we need to first explain what he means with his words. He called himself an Omnist, which is a person who wants to understand all religions and gods or lackthere of. In short, Kyrie is protecting himself by stating that his exploration of these ideas is for educational purposes.

This is what Kyrie wrote and how he attempted to defend his actions: "I am an OMNIST and I meant no disrespect to anyone's religious beliefs. The 'Anti-Semitic' label that is being pushed on me is not justified and does not reflect the reality or truth I live in everyday. I embrace and want to learn from all walks of life and religions."

As part of a strategy, Kyrie Irving did well by stating this because he can't be associated with more controversial figures like Kanye West. Thus far, the Nets star has attempted to sound logicall despite doing things that have tarnished his reputation in the public eye. Surely, Irving already spoke with Nets' owner Joe Tsai and they cleared the air about it. But that tweet he shared is still up and it doesn't seem like he will remove it any time soon.

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