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LeBron James won't admit it, but this clip proves he's fed up with Russell Westbrook

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James said in his postgame press conference Sunday night, after losing to the Portland Trail Blazers, that he was not going to criticize Russell Westbrook.

James, 37, told the media that he felt baited by them and that he would not fall for their trap of trying to get him to bash his teammate.

Even though James won't admit it, a clip surfaced from the loss to Portland in which he is visibly annoyed at Westbrook's shot selection down the stretch.

Lakers were up by one point with 30 seconds left to play in the game and Westbrook decided to shoot the ball for a "two-for-one" possession.

Westbrook, 33, left 17 seconds on the clock after missing the midrange jumper, leading to James and Anthony Davis looking baffled, annoyed and disappointed.

Portland went on to beat the Purple & Gold by two points, with James missing the would-be game-tying basket as the buzzer rang.

James, Davis upset as Westbrook laughs

The vibe on the floor carried over to the postgame presser, with James describing the locker room mood as "shitty."

Davis, 29, looked equally upset as he answered questions, which the same cannot be said of Westbrook.

James said in his press conference that anyone who is excited after a loss should not be in the basketball business.

Westbrook was doing just that, laughing off questions asked by reporters and brushing off his mediocre gameplay as just doing his best.

Even though James should not display the atrocious body language he did against the Blazers, it's important that Lakers owner Jeanie Buss and general manager Rob Pelinka trade Westbrook as soon as possible to not waste the King's 20th NBA season.

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