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Messi's Inter Miami move has NBA star in disbelief: promises he'll get season tickets

If anyone needs an example of the hype Lionel Messi's rumored signing would bring to the MLS and US sports in general, they need to look no further than the NBA. The Portland Trail Blazer's own Josh Hart is in literal disbelief at the prospect of living in the same country as the PSG star.

Despite Portland being over 3,200 miles from Miami, Josh Hart made a bold promise on Twitter: "Ain't no way Messi is going to Inter Miami next year...if he does I'm getting season tickets for the summer."

Josh Hart is a big Chelsea fan and the MLS is growing on him

Josh Hart is a big soccer fan and has already visited USMNT superstar Christian Pulisic in London when he visited the Chelsea facilities. He also went to Barcelona on vacation and took a tour of the Camp Nou. While the NBA player has a particular passion for soccer, it's clear that Messi's arrival to Miami would be of massive interest to fans from all walks of life.

Hart is an avid Chelsea fan and would get into tiffs with LeBron James when they were teammates on the Lakers over Bron's ownership stake in Liverpool. He is also starting to follow MLS and was recently seen at a Portland Timbers game. His allegiance would definitely switch to Miami though if the South Florida team indeed secured Messi's signing.

Messi's signing for Inter Miami, a matter of time

For the time being, Messi's signing for Inter Miami is still hypothetical. But is seems to be gaining momentum and makes lots of sense. The Argentine is one of the few names in soccer that resonates with people across all demographics in the United States, so the endorsement opportunities would be endless.

In Miami, where Messi already purchased a luxury condo for $7.3M, the footballer frequently vacations and even has a hamburger sold at Hard Rock Casino sold under his namesake: the Messi Burger.

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