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Tim Weah surpasses his father George by playing and scoring in a World Cup

Tim Weah became the first player to score for the United States in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar when he scored against Wales in the 36th minute. Since before the goal, Tim had already surpassed his father, George Weah, who won the Ballon d'Or in 1995, but playing for his homeland, Liberia, he never reached a World Cup.

The Weah family's football lineage

Tim Weah is a young footballer who was born in New York, but he is the son of legend George Weah, the only African player to win the Ballon d'Or. He is also the current president of Liberia, since 2018. So the family Weah has a bittersweet taste when it comes to soccer World Cups, as George was never able to take Liberia to the top tournament, but his son, Tim, being an American, managed it since he was 22 years old.

Historic goal for the US and Wales

Tim Weah's goal meant the first for the United States in Qatar 2022, and the first point for the Stars and Stripes, but it also meant the first that Wales received in a World Cup, since Pelé scored against them in Sweden 1958, Well, since then they have not reached a World Cup tournament.

Tim Weah also became the first player born in the current millennium to score at a FIFA Senior World Cup, making the score an international record as well, and today he is the pride of his father and President of Liberia.

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