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Two planes crash against each other at Texas airshow, both pilots feared dead

At approximately 1:20 p.m. in Dallas, Texas, two planes collided and crashed at an airshow of World War II planes. This information was confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration this Saturday. There were multiple angles of the incident recorded on camera by several civilians who were at the airshow.

Emergency crews responded to the incident that at first glance, looks like a crash nobody could survive. A smaller plane seemed to lose any sense of orientation and crashed directly against a WWII bomber plane that was cruising in the sky during the show. As both planes collided, the smaller one was divided into several pieces, While the bigger plane crashed on the ground and created a massive explosion.

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What types of planes were the ones that collided?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the bigger plane was a Boeing B-17 bomber from the World War II era. The smaller plan was a Bell P-63 Kingcobra. Officials still haven't confirmed how many people were in the crews of both planes. However, all members are presumed dead simply by judging by the multiple videos uploaded by the people who witnessed the crash.

Dallas Fire and Rescue is still responding to the scene. It has been later confirmed that both pilots of each plane have been killed in the crash but it is still unknown if the bomber had any more crew members on inside the plane. The smaller plane was confirmed to have only one pilot inside at the moment of the terrible accident. This is a developing story.

A spokesperson from the Commemorative Air Force, Leah Block spoke to the folks at ABC News. She revealed they still didn't have more information about the flight crews on both planes but the B-17 was confirme to have five crew members at the moment of the accident.

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