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Matthew Stafford's spinal cord contusion could end his career, a doctor explained

Matthew Stafford could be very close to ending his NFL career following the spinal contusion he sustained in Week 11 against the New Orleans Saints.

The Los Angeles Rams quarterback is still not fully recovered from the blow he suffered, coach Sean McVay has commented that Stafford's legs still feel numb, which has caused concern within the team.

Stafford placed on the injured list

The Rams placed Stafford on the injured list, making it mandatory that the player miss at least four weeks.

Los Angeles have a 3-9 record, it is a given that they will finish the season with a losing record so there is no point in risking Stafford's return to the field. Rams know they will no longer have Stafford so they decided to hire Baker Mayfiled for the remainder of the year.

Former NFL doctor thinks Stafford's career could be over

Former NFL doctor David Chao talked about Matthew Stafford's spinal cord contusion and said it could end the quarterback's career.

On the YouTube channel Sports Inury Central, Chao explained the consequences Staffords could suffer if he stays in professional soccer and takes a bad hit. The doctor's recommendation is for the NFL player to think hard about his future and not rule out retirement from the Rams quarterback.

"It was the neck problem that caused numbness in both legs. This is very concerning any time numbness goes to the legs from a neck injury and also both sides. So it implied some kind of spinal cord problem. Obviously, you can't mess with the spinal cord," he continued.

"You have to avoid any small risk of permanent damage. That's why he's been sidelined this season. What the medical staff has to do is figure out why it happened. Was there instability in a segment? Was there a disc? Was there a narrowing of the canal? What is it and how to correct it and prevent it? Which could mean surgery."

It looks like Matthew Stafford and his family will have to make a choice this offseason," Chao said. "Either do something to correct the risk of further spinal cord contusion and potential permanent damage, usually with neck surgery, fusion surgery, decompression surgery of some sort, that he can return to play. Or he may decide to hang it up after 14 seasons and a Super Bowl ring." This will be a real question for Matthew Stafford as to what he wants to do."

Stafford had a magical first season with the Rams, completing 67.2 percent of his pass attempts for 4,886 yards and 41 touchdowns. The Rams won the NFC West with a 12-5 record, and went on to win Super Bowl 56 at SoFi Stadium.

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