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Stephen Curry discusses his retirement date after speaking with Tom Brady

Even though Stephen Curry is still one of the very best basketball players in the world, having just won the NBA title last season, he is already 34 years of age and thinking about the end of his career.

While Curry still believes he can keep playing for several more seasons, he has been thinking about his retirement date and even asked Tom Brady for some advice.

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Tom Brady's advice for Steph Curry

After speaking with the NFL quarterback, Curry told reporters what he learned and what his philosophy is as he enters the twilight of his career.

"I talked to Tom Brady at one point about how he's at the point in his career where he's still playing at a high level at 44 or whatever it is," Curry said during an appearance at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Awards.

"His example and his advice was to take it a year at a time.

"He said there's no way to fast forward, that's not how you got to this point, so don't rush yourself and think about how long you can do it.

"Your body will tell you, and I don't see myself slowing down any time soon."

When will Stephen Curry retire?

Curry is in his 13th NBA season and is 34 years of age right now and will turn 35 on March 14, 2023.

His current contract with the Golden State Warriors runs until 2026, so that could be a potential retirement date, since he'll be 38 at that point.

But, for now, he is just taking it one year at a time, on the advice of Tom Brady.

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