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Tom Brady ex-wife Gisele Bündchen in bed with Antonio Brown? Mysterious photo fires social media

Antonio Brown may still be wanted by Tampa police, but he took the time to post on one of his various social media sites a photo that has set the Internet ablaze because of the person he's in it with.

It turns out that on Snapchat, Brown posted a photo in which he is pictured under the sheets of a bed with a woman. But the woman is blonde and although you can't see her full face, she bears a huge resemblance to Tom Brady's now ex-wife, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

Antonio Brown talks about the conflict between him and Tom Brady

Fans on social networks believe it is Gisele

Immediately the networks were filled with comments related to the photo, because the resemblance of the woman who appears there with Bündchen is enough, so everyone wonders: Is Gisele in bed with Antonio Brown?

One user wrote: "It's insane if that's who I think it is." Another posted: "It's literally Megan," referring to Megan Eugenio, a Tik Tok celebrity who has already denied it's her.

"I can't believe I have to say this, but that's not me," Megan posted on her Instagram account along with several emojis of faces crying with laughter.

The video showing Antonio Brown showing sticking his ass in a woman's faceNEW YORK POST

One more user wrote: "This did not, and will not, happen. AB and Gisele have never been and never will be anything. Come on man," while one more replied, "That's actually Gisele and the world has gone into a parallel universe. I'm flabbergasted."

One more even put money on the line: "I bet a lot of money that's Gisele".

The reality is that the image lends itself to many interpretations and all because the resemblance of the woman who appears there with the ex-wife of Tom Brady is amazing.

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