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Tom Brady gets a new prospect shooting her shot at him, a Brazilian alternative model

Ever since the divorce with Gisele Bündchen was made public, Tom Brady has been taargeted by numerous news media outlets to find him a new significant other. Tabloids are the ones that do this often, people love reading about this stuff because they live vicariously through celebrities' lives. They all want to know who will be the woman who gets to date the man who became the most eligible bachelor in the world overnight. Tom Brady is a high commodity right now.

From Playboy models, to Hollywood actresses, to influencers, to all types of famous women from all walks of life. Tom Brady will surely take his time finding the ideal woman for him after such a long time married to another incredible woman. In the mean time, all media outlets are trying to set Brady up with any model they can as they conduct interviews with them. The latest one to shoother shot is Brazilian alternative model, Mayara Lopes. She has been supporting Brazil in the FIFA World Cup and she was recently interviewed by the New York Post.

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Mayara Lopes' strategy to seduce Tom Brady

During that exchange with the Post, Lopes explained she would definitely give Tom Brady a chance if such chance should present itself. Unlike other models who are even married in some cases, Lopes is single and ready to mingle with Tom Brady. When asked about her strategy, this is what she told the New York Post: "I wouldn't necessarily approach him directly, but I would make eye contact and try to get his attention. And you know, if I think he gave me attention, then maybe I'd make a move."

But wishing upon a star is easy, Tom Brady has very high standards and he will probably take his pick from either another super model like his ex wife or another actress like his baby momma. No disrespect but models who are not that famous or powerful can only dream of getting to date Tom Brady, he is way out of their league. Still, Lopes seems like she is doing pretty good for herself and she doesn't need to date someone like Tom to improve her life in any way. After the NFL season is over, Tom Brady can think about dating all he wants. Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans will appreciate it if he remained focused on the rest of the season.

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