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Tom Brady's father concerned about the Bucs quarterback: NFL is like a drug

Tom Brady's decision to return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has caused much controversy this year. The seven-time Super Bowl winner decided to un-retire after just 40 days, with the decision ultimately costing him his marriage.

While Brady has struggled on the field, his Buccaneers team has failed to set the NFL alight with the Florida-based team possessing a 6-7 record, despite heading the NFC South.

However, the latest person to weigh in on Brady's extended football career is his father, who told NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter, that he thinks his son doesn't want to stop playing despite winning everything.

"The night before the game, I happen to meet up with Tom Brady's dad and asked him what he thought about the game, the opportunity to win again," Carter said during an appearance on FanDuel's "Up & Adams" show

"He said the only thing he's worried about is the kid, the kid won't go home. He said 'the kid is outside still playing, and he won't come in. It's raining, everything.' He said, 'I am only afraid the kid won't stop playing even if he wins'.

"He won that game and he's still playing. So the dad told him, so it is a problem. The NFL is a drug, man, and there is no other office job, partnership, relationship, we got great players broadcasting, running teams - it's nothing like the NFL...to hoist the Lombardi seven times, man, that's a drug and he's got it. He's got it bad."

Brady's season so far

Despite completing 65.8 percent pass attempts for 3,585 yards and 17 touchdowns against just five interceptions, Brady has been unable to spark this Tampa Bay team to life.

The Buccaneers will face the Cincinnati Bengals up next with a game against the Carolina Panthers scheduled for Christmas Day.

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