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Víctor Font attacks Laporta: Barcelona has not been up to Messi's standards

The World Cup continues to be a talking point. In addition to the constant complaints from France and replies from Argentina, the appointment in Qatar has allowed Víctor Font to attack Joan Laporta.

Argentina's World Cup victory with Lionel Messi at the forefront, has been the punch that the former candidate for the presidency has landed on the chin of the current president.

"Barcelona has not lived up to the historical level of Messi's figure. Hopefully we are able to gain perspective and make a proper analysis of everything," Font told La Vanguardia. "And may the conclusions also help us to understand that, even in the world of emotions, goodwill determination are not enough."

In addition to this, the former presidential candidate lamented not having Messi at the club and bemoaned the financial losses his absence have led to.

Font explained that Barcelona could have "maximized the value of the team" by having the Argentine in its ranks. And he also noted the famous levers.

"The misnamed levers were pulled without a plan, in a hurry, and do not help the club's assets to grow," Font said.

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