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Floyd Mayweather: "My real boxing career is over... I'm retired"

Floyd Mayweather is aware that his career in top-level boxing is over, the self-considered best boxer of all time gave an interview where he said he was already retired.

Mayweather Jr.'s last fight was on July 26, 2017 against Conor McGregor, the American came out with his hand up and thus concluded his professional career with a record of 50 wins with 27 knockouts, he did not draw or lose.

Since then "Money" has dedicated himself to making exhibition fights, in which he has done very well, obviously he has not faced any dangerous opponent.

Mayweather Jr.: "I'm retired".

A few days ago Floyd gave an interview to The Sunday Telegraph where he commented that his days in top-level boxing are over.

"My career in real boxing is over. I'm retired," he commented.

"I'm still making smart investments, connecting with the right people and generating generational wealth," he assured. "That's what's important to me, and that's what I want to keep doing."

"In February we're looking forward to coming here and doing a showcase for the fans in the U.K., because I never had the opportunity to come here when I was boxing as a pro," he added.

"So I hope it will be in February. I will come and do an exhibition if possible."

"I had my first real fight in 1987. I've been a great pro, at the top, I've been the greatest fighter and I've broken every record in the sport of boxing," he concluded.

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