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LeBron James is on course to make history in February

LeBron James has been standing out in the NBA for two decades in which he has won four titles. His next objective is to become the NBA's all-time top scorer by overtaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who scored as many as 38,387 points in his successful career.

Everything indicates that LeBron will be able to break that record in February. On Sunday, he scored 35 points in the Los Angeles Lakers' loss to the Philadelphia 76ers and reached the 38,000 point milestone.

This means that he needs just 364 points to become the top scorer in the history of the league. It could happen between February 5 and 12 depending on whether he'll participate in the back-to-back games against Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs.

If his average of 27 points per game increases to 29 points per match, he could break the record against the New Orleans Pelicans on the 5th or the Oklahoma City Thunder on the 8th. Otherwise, he could do so on against the Milwaukee Bucks (February 10) or the Golden State Warriors (12th).

Not thinking about the record

LeBron is considered as one of the most complete basketball players in the history of the sport. In fact, he has managed a remarkable more than 38,000 points 10,000 rebounds and 10,000 assists. No on else has ever recorded these figures, the only player who comes close being Oscar Robertson (26,000+7,000+9,000).

"I still say, and I stand by this, with 20 years in to still be competing at the same level, obviously it's not the exact same when he was 22 or 26 or 30 or whatever," the Warriors star Draymond Green said.

"But to be competing at such a high level in year 20, that has to count for something. Has to count for something.

"To be playing basketball in this era is absolutely insane, and again I take my hat off to LeBron for what he's done, for what he's doing on and off the court.

"There's never been a better face to the NBA and I'm not sure there ever will be a better face of the NBA. Absolutely amazing. Salute my brother."

As for LeBron, he explained last week why he is not thinking about the scoring record.

"The scoring record was never ever even thought of in my head because I've always been a pass-first guy. I've always loved seeing the success of my teammates," he told ESPN.

"When I say I'm not a scorer, I say it in a sense of, it's never been the part of my game that defines me.

"But there's an argument to it. When you look at how long this record has stood and the great Kareem, being able to accomplish something like that. But it won't be for me to discuss because I've never felt that way."

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