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Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa approaches judo to avoid concussions

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is taking a unique approach to avoiding head injuries on the football field. According to a recent report, Tagovailoa has started practicing judo to help him learn how to fall properly and reduce his risk of head injuries.

The idea behind this approach is that in judo, athletes learn how to fall without getting hurt. The sport teaches techniques such as ukemi, which is a method of falling that focuses on landing safely by distributing impact across the body. Tagovailoa has reportedly been working with a judo instructor to learn these techniques and apply them on the football field.

Tua has taken this judo-approach before

This isn't the first time Tagovailoa has looked to judo to help him improve his game. In 2021, he also worked with a judo instructor to help him improve his hip flexibility and mobility, which he believed would help him on the field.

While some may view this approach as unconventional, it's not unheard of for athletes to use techniques from other sports to improve their own. For example, basketball players often use ballet to improve their footwork, and boxers may use yoga to improve their flexibility.

In a sport where head injuries are a major concern, Tagovailoa's dedication to improving his technique and reducing his risk of injury is admirable. He is taking proactive steps to protect himself while still playing at a high level.

Time will tell if Tagovailoa's judo training will pay off on the football field, but it's clear that he is willing to try anything that may help him improve and stay safe. With a renewed focus on player safety across all sports, it's possible that we may see more athletes turn to unconventional methods to reduce their risk of injury in the future.

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