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Ex-NFL player Arian Foster opens up on whether or not the league is scripted

The National Football League (NFL) is the richest sports franchise on the planet. It is estimated that in 2022 the league pulled in over 18 billion dollars in revenue.

Of the 32 teams in the league, 30 of them find themselves on the Forbes list of 50 most expensive sports franchises in 2022. With so much at stake, any form of controversy could be detrimental to the league's image with the NFL having some of the strictest vetting processes for new franchisees to come on board.


However, what if the league itself was engrossed in scandal? One of the more popular conspiracy theories is that NFL games, much like the WWE, are scripted, and that the results are known well beforehand.

In his latest interview, Arian Foster, a former NFL running back, confirms these rumors, though it is impossible to say if he's serious or not.

"We were really dedicated to [the NFL's script]," Foster said on the Macrodosing podcast.

"So, it was more, like, that's what practice was about, practicing the script. This is what goes on. This is what we have to do... It's like WWF, so we know what's going to happen, but you still have to put on a show."

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