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Keving Durant chokes up when talking about Brooklyn Nets teammates and Kyrie Irving

Kevin Durant finally spoke about the NBA franchise he just left and choked up when he spoke about his teammates in Brooklyn. KD didn't forget about every single one of them but he also reflected on the failed experient that were these Brooklyn Nets. Putting together a team with three All-Stars and not winning a single championship has to be considered a major flop. On paper, this was the most overpowered team in the entire league but they barely played between 18-20 games during the years they were together.

Before Kyrie's deadline trade, the team was actually playing fantastic basketball and actually had chances to make the Playoffs. But Irving didn't reach an agreement and Durant followed suit after he left. Irving now plays for the Dallas Mavericks and Durant arrived in Phoenix to form a brand new Big Three with Chris Paul and Devin Booker. We'll have memorable duels between these two new behemoths of the West, who will only make the Playoff road far more interesting. Meanwhile, Durant already talked about his wild last couple of weeks.

Kevin Durant remembers his Brooklyn Nets family

A choked-up and tearful Kevin Durant said: "I built a family over there. They gon' always be a part of my journey. I love those guys. I get emotional talking about 'em because that was a special four years of my career, coming off an Achilles [injury] and they helped me a lot. It was amazing basketball for 17 games. In order for you to win a championship and to be a great team, you just need more time on the floor."

About Kyrie Irving's exit and the big three's failed experiment, KD added: "It was a blow to our team. It just took away our identity. He was a huge, huge part to what we do. His game -- he's a Hall of Fame player, a great, great player that can do everything on the floor, and we relied on that. So without him, we didn't have a clear identity. So that was tough for me to stomach. I was upset that we couldn't finish. I thought we would've had some good momentum. We were finally building the culture that we always wanted."

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