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Russell: Between me and Hamilton, there is no one leader

George Russell was the only grand prix winner for Mercedes last year, ahead of Lewis Hamilton, and beat the incumbent team leader in the championship.

And to Russell, both drivers are equals at Mercedes as the Silver Arrows approach the 2023 season.

"Lewis and I have a good relationship," Russell told Auto Motor und Sport. "If you look at the past, he has had teammates with a more similar age and they have fought for that leadership position, but between us, there is no leader.

"Lewis is at a more advanced part of his career and I'm at the beginning of mine, he's had all the success, he has nothing more to prove.

"We are helping each other, trying to improve the car, we want to take Mercedes back to the top. It's a very different dynamic to Lewis and Fernando Alonso in the past, to Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, to Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, all two drivers of a similar age fighting against each other."

The question is whether the W14 has the potential and is in a position to fight for the title. Russell added: "If we are fighting for the World Championship, I see no reason not to stay the same.

"I think we are both mature and experienced enough to know what the team needs and what it needs is harmony. If we break our good relationship, it's not going to benefit Mercedes and it may compromise us to the point where we may not have a car to win races."

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