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How to fix the Dallas Cowboys?

The years continue to pile up without the Dallas Cowboys making it to a Super Bowl or, at the very least, an NFC championship. It has been 27 years since both of those things happened, so Dallas fans, especially those who lived through the golden era when they won three Super Bowls in four years (the first team to do so) and have since seen nothing but drought, are feeling frustrated.

It's known that it was Jerry Jones' ego that prevented Jimmy Johnson from continuing as head coach of the team, which could have resulted in more championships if not for Jones' desire to be the one directing all of the team's operations.

That's why a veteran columnist like Richard Paolinelli wrote for insidethestar.com about what Dallas needs to do to improve and become a team that competes for championships again. Paolinelli published the first of 11 articles in which he'll give his opinion on how to achieve this, and he started by stating the obvious: Jerry Jones needs to stop being the team's general manager.

The first steps to improve the team

These are the points that the expert highlights to fix the Cowboys:

* Jones should have learned from Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss, who hired two good GMs and let them work, resulting in 10 NBA championships in 16 Finals appearances.

* Dallas needs to hire a GM who has the power to make changes to the coaching staff and players when necessary, who doesn't overpay them, and who drafts well.

* Fixing the Cowboys starts in the office because Jones needs a GM who knows how to build a winning franchise. In almost three decades, Jones has shown that he doesn't know how to do it, and it was evident that the last three Super Bowls they won were thanks to Jimmy Johnson, not him. Even Barry Switzer benefited from Jimmy's work.

So, the solution is: Jerry Jones needs to be removed from the general manager position.

But as long as Jones is alive, that's not going to happen.

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