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Jake Paul fell asleep and woke up with 11 new tattoos: What did the YouTuber get?

Jake Paul visited Ganga Tattoo after deciding to get as many as 11 tattoos under anaesthesia. The aforementioned studio offers clients the possibility to sleep through the whole process in order to avoid the pain that getting a tattoo could cause.

The process took eight hours in which Paul got tattoos on his shoulder, thigh, foot and most of his left leg. According to Inked, a team of five artists worked on Paul's new tattoos which included a tiger, a skeleton, an angel and a butterfly.

Paul had been previously paid 250,000 dollars to get a tattoo of the blue raspberry bottle on his right arm. However, the tattoo disappeared before his fight with Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia.

He had met up with DJ Sloth, who promised to gift him the aforementioned figure if he tattooed a bottle of AU Vodka on his arm. Despite gaining traction in the days leading up to the fight, the lack of ink on Paul's arm led many to speculate as to whether it had been real in the first place.

Drinking alcohol in Saudi Arabia is strictly prohibited and the country possesses some of the most stringent laws against it.

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