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Joe Rogan insists transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is threatening female sports

Podcaster, comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan has been repeatedly called a transphobe for having zero patience against transgender women trying to compete in any professional sport. Lia Thomas is perhaps the one he talks against the most as she attempts to remain in tournaments with biological women who keep losing against her. Every male produces testosterone during puberty, that is simply a fact and any transgender woman goes through that when they are young. This is the reason their physical prowess is much greater than biological women, Joe Rogan points to that every time he talks about Lia Thomas' case.

Did Joe Rogan go too far with his comments against Lia Thomas?

Last Tuesday, Rogan reacted to ESPN naming Lia Thomas as part of its Women's History Month campaign. But he also sounded angry, he said: "This trans athlete thing f*cking blows my mind ... how many people go along with this? It just blows my mind. Swimming, I mean that Lia Thomas is still the number one swimmer in the world and it's a biological male. Period. End of discussion. It's madness. And not only that, hasn't even gotten - penis removed and has sex with women apparently. The whole thing is so crazy that you can call yourself a woman and then you're a woman. And like, this has nothing to do with trans rights. It just has to do with humans."

He continued: "It's just what they've done to those other girls that are competing against her is just a fucking crime. It's horrible. Imagine if you're a biological woman, you are working your ass off. You are fully dedicated to being the best of the best. You're dotting all your I's and crossing all your T's. You are watching your die... are watching your recovery. You are fucking trying. And this person who just decides they're a woman with testosterone flowing through their body for their entire life - just dominates you. It's f*cking maddening."

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