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Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively watch Wrexham AFC wreck York City in big win

As things stand in the England National League, Ryan Reynold's Wrexham AFC is currently three points above the second place Notts County FC at the very top of the league. On Saturday, the team had their biggest attendance of the season with over 10,000 souls who wanted to watch Ben Foster's debut as a new Wrexham AFC player. Three minutes away from halftime, Wrexham AFC took the lead with a rebound goal that made people go wild inside the stadium. During the final minutes of the game, Dalby and Lee scored two more goals that secured the victory and another three points for the tournament leaders. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are truly making a difference with their guidance.

Notts County also won, so the three points at the top remain as such but Wrexham AFC still has one less game pending to play. With six games to go, this team has a major chance to qualify to the EFL League Two and make history. Ryan Reynolds was with his partner enjoying the game next to the crowd and soaking it all in. Amongst the many different ventures he has, Reynolds is more than likely enjoying this experience the most. In a sense, he is a Canadian version of Ted Lasso if Ted Lasso was the owner of a team. On this special day, Reynolds also offered people a major surprise.

Blake Lively witnesses history at Wrexham AFC

Before the game, there were some images taken inside the pitch of The Racehorse Ground that revealed some special guests of Ryan Reynolds. Wife and actress Blake Lively was with their daughters right before kick-off. They were also at the stadium witnessing Wrexham AFC make history. With the three goals they scored today, they already reached an impressive 100 goals in the tournament with only 35 allowed. Reynolds will keep trying to get this team through the ranks as far as he can.

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