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Xavi: Messi? It's normal that there's excitement about a 'last dance' like Michael Jordan

Rafa Yuste statements put Leo Messi at the centre of focus for Xavi's appearance in front of the media.

The Barcelona coach has expressed his opinion on the possible arrival of the legend, but considers that now is not the time to talk about these issues. However, he has not hidden the fact that he is in contact with the Argentinian and that he would like to have him.

"I don't think it's the right time to talk about Leo's return. I'm friends with him and I often talk to him, but it's not the right time," Xavi said.

"Neither for Leo's sake nor for the good of the club. It's a subject that we are dealing with, I have a lot of friendship, but there is a world between now and when it can be done."

Xavi has shared the words of Raya Yuste in which the vice-president has assured that he was in love with Leo Messi.

"Yes, of course, don't misunderstand us, but of course. I've seen him grow up. He is exemplary. It's normal that there is excitement. One last last dance, like Michael Jordan. It's normal for people to be excited," he said.

"I hope to be able to see Leo back at Barcelona in whatever form it takes. I would be the first to be happy to see him return. It's the club of his life, he's the best player in history, but now is not the time to talk.

"We have two titles to play for. We mustn't talk about possible signings or Messi, we must focus on Elche, Real Madrid... and everything that's coming."

The Catalan coach has made it clear that he has done nothing for the World Cup winner's return and that it is in the hands of Messi.

'It'll be like Jordan's last dance' - Will Messi return to Barca

"It doesn't depend on me, it depends on Messi, on his happiness, on whether he wants to return and has the will to do so... I have a relationship of friendship and trust and, if he decides to come back, I'll be delighted. I'll be the first to encourage him to come back. There is nothing for the moment. We are doing Leo and the club a disservice. It will depend on many factors. We are at the expense of fair-play, but above all of Leo's will," he said.

Xavi, on the other hand, has assured that he has not yet discussed anything with the board regarding next season. The coach wants to focus on tomorrow's game and on Wednesday. "Everything is still to be played. I don't understand you, to be honest. All year criticising that we are not going to win, and now that we are one step away from winning, we are talking about the players for next season. We are one step away from success in the post-Messi era that we were so afraid of."

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