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De'Aaron Fox and Draymond Green's trash talk hits a new level: What did they say to each other?

Fans often love to see the odd argument between players on the pitch or court, regardless of what the sport in question is.

NBA fans got a big serving of drama when De'Aaron Fox and Draymond Green went after each other towards the end of a game between the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings.

Green is known for running his mouth a lot and he has had multiple altercations with players and coaches throughout his career. Both he and Fox received technical fouls for their argument in the first quarter.

What did Draymond Green and De'Aaron Fox say to each other?

The Warriors Talk, a media outlet which covers the Warriors closely, revealed what was actually said between the two basketball stars.

"Sh*t like that, that's cheap as f*ck, old ass n****!" Fox told Green after the Dubs forward said, "p*ssy sh*t, all you is is p*ssy."

It is not clear from clips who started the argument but Green has revealed on his own podcast that Fox stuck up for one of his teammates when Green was in a separate argument about an earlier incident.

"I return to the game [after the suspension] and, in true Draymond fashion, received a tech [after] about a minute or two of being in the game, if that long," 4x NBA champ said on The Draymond Green Show. "Fox and I were going back and forth, he was standing up for his guy, telling me it was BS."

Tempers are clearly running extremely high in the NBA right now as we are right into the business end of the season where there is a lot on the line for everyone.

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