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Deontay Wilder blasts Tyson Fury: He's a cheater, I can't stand that motherf***er

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury crossed paths in Saudi Arabia last month ahead of the fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. The two men even stayed at the same hotel and looked as though they had a friendly encounter.

Previously, during their trilogy, Wilder had openly accused Fury of being cheating. After their second fight in 2020, Wilder claimed - among other things - that Fury had loaded his gloves to hurt him. Fury has effusively denied Wilder's accusations.

Wilder: I can't stand that motherf***er

Despite the seemingly friendly chat between the two boxer last month, Wilder has hit out at Fury, whom he called "a cheater".

"I can't stand that motherf***er. They know what's up, he's a cheater... but [Saudi Arabia] is a peaceful ground," Wilder told ESNEWS

"I don't like you, but I can come and let you know that I see you. I know where you are and you know where I am, we can co-exist with each other, you stay over there and I stay over her

"If I saw him out or something like that, I'm going to go off how my energy feels and that can be very unpredictable, because I'm a very unpredictable person.

"Fury didn't know what I was gonna do, I could him feel him being nervous, I could feel it, I'm an empath, but I came in peace.

"Time and a place for everything."

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