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Guardiola: Michael Jordan won six NBA titles, how many seasons did he play? 16

Pep Guardiola was quick to take the pressure off his team and the club as his side looks ahead to Tuesday's Champions League quarter-final showdown between Manchester City and Bayern Munich.

The Manchester City boss insisted that "you have to deserve it [the Champions League trophy]" as he played down the pressure piling onto his team who have failed to win a Champions League trophy.

Guardiola alluded to the quality of the other teams that remain in the competition, particularly to the "elite" level of German titans Bayern Munich, who he managed prior to Manchester City.

In addition, he made little of the prospect of his side winning the Champions League this season.

"The question (about winning the Champions League) comes since six, seven years ago. It comes every single season. We tried every single season, but there are teams that you face that they are good too," Guardiola said.

"We want to try like all the time but it doesn't mean we're going to win. Michael Jordan won six NBA titles, how many seasons he play? 16. We have to be perfect to get a good result to go Germany. The importance is that we're still there."

Tuchel vs Guardiola.

Tuchel vs Guardiola.EFE

Guardiola vs Tuchel

Guardiola faces the recently appointed Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel in the Champions League after the German's then Chelsea side defeated Manchester City in the 2021 Champions League final.

"It's happened, we reviewed the game a month later, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. It was a tight game, but we forget it and we try again. Sometimes you win when you deserve, sometimes you lose. I don't live in the past. It's part of the game," the Catalan reflected.

"I overthink because I lost. Regardless about it [how we play], if we lose, we lose. Maybe some decisions were wrong, but maybe I make another one and it's exceptional. Going well, good decision, going bad, bad decision.

"There are reasons why we take decisions. I don't give too much credit to say how brilliant I was.

"Right in that moment. I see the players and see how they connect and the opponent and take the decision. It's not about regret, it's not going to change the now, so it's normal.

"Before the game, I plan for this reason and this reason. If it happens, I'm right, if it doesn't, I'm not."

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