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Lamar Jackson takes Odell Beckham Jr. out to celebrate: Is the QB staying in Baltimore?

When the news first broke about Odell Beckham Jr. becoming a Baltimore Raven, many different questions were raised about Lamar Jackson's future. The QB had been trying to get his bag as his own agent but this came out of left field, especially because Jackson himself was involved in OBJ?s arrival. According to Michael Rapoport, Odell Beckham Jr. only agreed to play for the Ravens if Lamar Jackson remained as his quarterback. Over the next hours after the announcement, both stars appeared on video call screenshots, clearly showing they have a good relationship. But they did one better last weekend, this raises even more questions.

Lamar and Odell hit Miami's nightclubs

In a video uploaded by an attendee, both Lamar Jackson and Odell Beckham Jr. appear having fun at Miami's LIV nightclub. OBJ just landed a $15 million deal for a single season but Jackson still hasn't reached an agreement with the team leadership. Granted, this may place the QB closer to an extension than ever before but they still need to sit down and reach an agreement. Both stars seemed happy to be playing together in Baltimore but there has been no confirmation to whether the Ravens will pay Lamar what he wants or not. All we can say is that OBJ said yes because he was told Jackson is staying.

If both stars play their cards right, they don't only have the potential to become a power duo in the NFL. But also, Odell Beckham Jr. can pressure the team's leadership to finally pay Lamar Jackson what he deserves. As far as we know, Ravens have until July 17 to negotiate a new extension. If they don't reach an agreement before this deadline, they won't be able to sign a new agreement until after the 2023 season. Hopefully, the Ravens can understand how important Lamar Jackson can be for the team over the next decade and they just pay him what he wants. Watching him play alongside Beckham Jr. should be interesting.

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