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Luka Doncic is on holiday: What now for the Mavs star?

The Dallas Mavericks celebrated Slovenian night. Perhaps that was the only reason Luka Doncic played against the Chicago Bulls, a game his team threw away to end their playoff chances.

In a forward-thinking decision, he has chosen to keep one of the top 10 picks in the draft. With 35 seconds played in the second quarter, the Slovenian point guard fouled out and was substituted. He will probably not play in the last remaining game on the schedule, against the San Antonio Spurs.

Thus ended his fifth NBA season. Again, littered with impressive personal records. He averaged 32.7 points, 8.7 rebounds and 8.1 assists. He is only the fourth player in history to have a 30+8+8 season.

Previously only Michael Jordan, Russell Westbrook and Oscar Robertson had done so. He finishes as the second-highest scorer in the league only behind Joel Embiid.

Not even reaching the play-in is a resounding failure for a team that in mid-February was even timidly considered in the pools to win the NBA. When Kyrie Irving was signed, the Mavericks were fourth in the West with a 31-27 record.

They are the first franchise in history to finish lower than 10th after being fourth or higher having played at least 55 games. The Mavs were 5-11 when Doncic and Irving played together, a winning percentage of 31.3 percent, the worst by a pair of All-Star teammates since the 76-77 season, according to ESPN Stats.

Farewell to another prime season

Doncic has seen another prime season slip away and has already shown signs of frustration through gestures and statements. His patience is not infinite and in Dallas they know it.

"He'd like to be here his whole career, but we have to earn that. Players are not used to 17 years in the same franchise", Mavs owner Mark Cuban recently acknowledged, the owner who should finally satisfy the needs of his star this summer in order to be able to aspire to the title.

After calling for reinforcements, the Slovenian point guard was given Irving, a genius with a volatile character who has proved not to be enough. At least, not by himself. His arrival should have been alongside a defensive point guard and someone with a minimum of rebounding ability.

The Slovenian prodigy did not speak after the loss to the Bulls. He already said that his idea was to fight for the play-in until the end. The Mavericks' decision to voluntarily waive him will not have pleased him.

It may be a reason for disagreement with the franchise, from which it has been announced that Irving's continuity next year is on track and that coach Jason Kidd aims to remain on the bench.

Let's see how they try to motivate Doncic after the most frustrating season of his career, because his patience is not infinite. In the summer, he will face the World Cup with the Slovenian national team. It could be an oasis for him.

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