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Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis casually do a 'winner takes both purses' bet on IG live

We are getting some Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury vibes in the bulld up for the Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis Saturday fight at catch weight. These two have been trying to rip each other's head of for a long time and they finally get a chance to do it this weekend. In the build up for the vent, Gervonta Davis was speaking directly to Ryan at an Instagram live streaming. At a certain moment, 'Tank' issued a challenge and told Ryan if he was down to bet both purses on the line for the winner. Even though Ryan Garcia agreed, Gervonta Davis was quick to point out that he wanted everything on paper and signed by both fighters. For now, all we have is Garcia's word but that has proven to not be enough in the past.

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis are confirm they will their entire purse on the fight

Ryan Garcia needs to sign papers if he wants the bet to happen

At the moment the best took place, Gervonta Davis was doing the live stream with some members of his camp. All of them started screaming and saying they were getting paid in celebratory fashion. But they forget what happened between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul. They also made a bet but Jake Paul wanted it in writing. Given that they didn't sign any papers, the Youtuber refused to pay alleging they never made this wager official. At first, the exchange didn't seem to be formal but Ryan Garcia made sure things were clear. He confirmed he would be willing to sign a contract to make the bet and repeated he never speaks for himself twice.

Ryan Garcia is so confident he can beat Gervonta Davis that he is willing to put the entire money on the line. And this is definitely going to be one of the most publicized boxing fights in recent history. According to Sporting Payouts, Gervonta Davis is guaranteed to earn $1,500,000 while Ryan Garcia is expected to make only $350,000 for this fight. Considering his earnings as a social media presence, losing $350,000 doesn't seem as much for Ryan Garcia, whereas Davis would lose quite a bit of cash if he loses. For now, all we have is their word but they did bet on this with 200,000 people watching the Instagram live.

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