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From Michael Jordan to Derrick White: unique baskets in the history of the Playoffs

Derrick White's miraculous dunk to tie the Conference Finals at three between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat went down in the history of the best basketball league on the planet. For what it means (from 0-3 to 3-3), for the difficulty of the shot and for being an epic resolution of an epic series, with an iconic franchise protagonist and having very little historical comparison. In fact, there are only two such shots in all-time history. At the buzzer, trailing on the scoreboard and facing elimination.

Derrick White's only historical comparison is Michael Jordan on May 7, 1989. The shot that changed his story, 'The Shot' against the Cleveland Cavaliers at 2-2 in the first round of the East. Jordan soared over Craig Hogdes and on a slight off-balance won the clash. It prevented the Bulls' fourth elimination in five years, validated Jordan as a star.

'The Last Dance,' a huge Netflix production that traces Jordan's sports career, told the story of what that shot was like. Craig Ehlo couldn't defend him properly and Jordan executed the shot.

"I don't know how Michael stayed in the air that long. It's the best shot I ever saw," recounted Brad Daugherty, who had been 'MJ's' partner in 'misdeeds' in college (North Carolina) and was a star in Cleveland.

"You guys are going to hell," Jordan shrieked as he shot.

White's miracle

Jordan was a demonstration of condition. A way to be the star, the face of the NBA. The Celtics' is a different story. It's a part of pride, because of the banners hanging from TD Garden. But it is also the hunger of a team with stars (Tatum or Brown) and luxury secondary, as is the case with 'D White'. His shot was almost a miracle.

"I was like... Oh no. But I looked up and White was a miracle," recounted Grant Williams, a teammate of Boston's no.9. Miami defended the play well, Smart had to take a nearly half-hearted and forced shot, and White rose up in front of Max Strus.

"We'll give everything. Whatever it takes. We're in the fight," Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla said.

The two legendary shots. There is no one else in those circumstances. Another spectacular 'game winner' in the Playoffs was Kawhi Leonard's shot against the Philadelphia 76ers, but nothing compares to saving his team from elimination.

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