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How Ja Morant lost 39m dollars because of All-NBA team snub

Ja Morant, the star player of the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA, has had a difficult past few months and that has been compounded by his recent snub from the All-NBA first team.

He was suspended for eight games and already lost 1.5 million dollars of his 2022/23 salary due to conduct detrimental to the league, after being seen holding a gun in a livestream video.

That incident may have indirectly cost him much more, as he missed out on the opportunity to earn an additional 39m dollars over the next five seasons by not being named to the All-NBA first team, nor to the second or third teams either.

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What is the 'Derrick Rose Rule'?

The 'Derrick Rose Rule' in the league's collective bargaining agreement allows players to earn a higher salary if they meet certain criteria, such as being named to an All-NBA team.

This rule has a significant impact on player salaries, as Trae Young received a 35m dollar pay raise last year thanks to his All-NBA selection, while Jayson Tatum missed out on a 33m dollar opportunity the year before due to being snubbed.

Now, Morant is estimated to miss out on 39m dollars because he hasn't made it to the All-NBA first team.

"If a player on his rookie contract accomplishes one of the following - (1) earns All-NBA first-, second- or third-team honors twice, (2) is voted an NBA All-Star starter by the fans twice, or (3) named NBA MVP - his salary slot will be eligible for the Tier 2 maximum salary (30 percent) when the extension begins in his fifth season," is how the rule goes.

Morant has not achieved any of these three criteria since entering the league in 2019, so won't be able to extract a maximum payday.

The changes to the NBA's CBA

The NBA's new CBA, starting in 2023/24, will make All-NBA voting positionless to prevent technicalities from affecting a player's salary.

The league's new policy requiring players to play 65 games to be eligible for awards may have unintended consequences, such as players playing through injuries to secure a higher salary.

The system of determining awards based on a media vote has come under scrutiny for potential voter bias.

However, player salaries will continue to be tied to awards based on the CBA term sheet, and there is no clear alternative to this system.

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