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Joshua's cryptic message: "Boxing: the only jungle where rats outwit lions"

Boxer Anthony Joshua has hit out with some rather cryptic comments, which appear to be criticising the organisation of the sport. In doing so, he echoes comments made by George Foreman and Mike Tyson.

British heavyweight Joshua, 33, is a former unified heavyweight champion and he made a winning but unconvincing comeback last month by beating Jermaine Franklin on points. He is also prepping for a future showdown with Deontay Wilder.

Citing the legends

Ahead of the not-yet-finalised Wilder fight, the plan is for Joshua to have a fight with fellow Brit Dillian Whyte, although that has also still to be confirmed. It seems that Joshua's frustration about the delays in negotiations are growing.

To that end, it would seem, the 33-year-old has shared a clip on his Instagram story of legendary boxer George Foreman which criticises the ruthless nature of boxing as a business.

"I was forced back into boxing because the people I trusted stole everything from me," Foreman says in the video.

"I gave it all up. I never wanted to see a boxing ring again. But I got broke and I had to go back in the ring to take care of my family."

Then, adding to the same narrative, Joshua shared a video of another boxing legend with similar comments. This time it was Mike Tyson on boxing as business over sport.

"I found out that boxing's business and not about who is stronger or tougher, it's about the smartest guy - who can make the most money with the least risk," said Tyson in the clip.

"That's what boxing is truly about but then ego gets involved but it's about making the most money with the least risk and you leave here healthy, you have your family and have a enough money to take care of people."

Lions and rats

Then came the time for Joshua to add his own lines to the song. The Brit posted a message on the same theme, making it clear he's not happy with something going on behind the scenes.

"Boxing: The only jungle where the rats out-wit the lions," wrote Joshua.

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