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Klay Thompson, eight vindictive three-pointers against the Lakers: Is blood not thicker than water?

Stephen Curry's Golden State Warriors (20 points and 12 assists) beat LeBron James' (23 points) and Anthony Davis' (11 points and seven rebounds) Los Angeles Lakers 127-100 to make it 1-1 in the Western Conference semifinals.

The Warriors hit 21 three-pointers (tying a franchise record in the NBA Playoffs) with Klay Thompson (8 of 11 three-pointers and 30 points), who did not play in the final quarter, the standout player.

"You have to give credit where credit is due: the Warriors played exceptionally well tonight, we didn't and the series is tied. Klay Thompson was spectacular," LeBron James acknowledged.

It is the 23rd time in his career that Klay, whose father (Mychal) won the NBA twice with the Lakers (1987 and 1988), has made at least eight three-pointers in a game.

"I played more relaxed. I wasn't happy with my performance in the first game, where I shot very inefficiently," Thompson declared.

"I probably rushed some shots, but tonight I just let them come to me. I kept telling myself to be patient ... and it paid dividends."

Mychal Thompson, Klay Thompson's father, cheers for the Lakers before he cheers for his son

Before the game Mychal, the no.1 overall pick in the 1978 draft and father of Klay, said he planned to cheer for the Lakers he played for before he cheered for his son.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr recalled Mychal's support for the Lakers after the Game 2 win and Klay Thompson's big game.

"Isn't blood thicker than water? It gives Klay a little extra motivation," Kerr added.

This California rivalry series now travels to Los Angeles, where Game 3 will be played on Saturday.

"They made adjustments, we knew they were going to do that," James admitted.

"That's what teams that win championships do. We're already thinking about the next game but our defense is what we're sticking to and that doesn't change, no matter who we're playing."

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