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MLB star tackles awkward question about dead mom during on-field interview

Boston Red Sox first baseman Triston Casas proved he is a class act by the manner in which he handled an insensitive question during an on-field interview on Sunday Night Baseball.

ESPN commentator Karl Ravech asked him the question on Mother's Day, making the matter even worse, but the 23-year-old Casas is evidently wise beyond his years.

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"I know your mom passed away when you were young," Ravech said awkwardly. "What does Mother's Day mean to you and your brother?"

Casas, who had just answered a question about his pregame routine, looked shocked for a split second before delivering a classy answer.

"What happened was unfortunate to me, but I have so many mother figures in my life," Casas said. "Whether they have my last name or whether they don't, I have so much support from everybody in and around my circle that I don't even feel I missed out on anything."

Announcer makes it more awkward by ignoring answer

Casas ended his heartfelt answer by saying that he knows his mom is watching him and the she is proud, all while approaching an opponent on first base.

The announcers stayed quiet for a second and then joked that they thought Casas was going to start interviewing the player on first.

While ESPN producers are likely responsible for that awful question, Ravech is getting all the hate on social media, especially since he was unable to wrap up the nasty probe by thanking Casas for opening up about his experience.

Red Sox were losing 1-2 to the St. Louis Cardinals at the time of the interview and went on to lose 1-9. They also lost 1-10 on Monday against the Seattle Mariners.

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