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More controversy for Ja Morant: He flashes gun on Instagram again

Ja Morant, the star player of the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2022/23 NBA season, has been embroiled in multiple off-court controversies. He has already been suspended once for his actions, and now he has been linked to guns again.

Two months ago, Morant came under fire for displaying a gun on his Instagram Live. A similar incident has now surfaced on the internet where he was seen in a car with a friend, both making a gun sign with their hands. Later, Morant appeared to be holding what looked like a gun, although the time and location of the video are unclear.

Earlier in the season, Morant landed in trouble in March after showing a gun on his Instagram Live from a nightclub. He was suspended by the team, and later, a picture was leaked showing him surrounded by dancers and money.

In the off-season, Morant made headlines for punching a teenager during a basketball game, allegedly emerging from his home with a visible gun in his waistband. He also had a verbal altercation with the Memphis police at a mall with his friends.

According to a report by the Washington Post's Gus Garcia-Roberts and Molly Hensley-Clancy, interviews and internal records suggest that the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA tried to sweep the news under the rug.

In response to these incidents, Morant took time away from basketball to tackle his inner issues, and the NBA suspended him for eight games.

The controversy surrounding Morant's off-court behavior continues to generate attention and raise concerns among fans and the league.

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