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Ryan Reynolds opens up on the Wrexham museum at his and Blake Lively's home

Ryan Reynolds is committed to his role as co-owner of Wrexham AFC, and they have been regular visitors to the Racecourse Ground in North Wales, but they've also taken a little bit of Wrexham with them.

The Hollywood star has also been collecting mementos from their time at the club, with Reynolds revealing that he has created a "Wrexham museum" at his home with the support of his wife, Blake Lively.

"Blake and the girls are the engine for it half the time, I mean, my daughters are the ones that are always reminding me - dad, grab some of the pitch when you walk across it again," he explained on the RobRyanRed podcast.

"But I also recognise that the Racecourse Ground is in certain senses holy ground. I like bringing a little piece of that home with me every time.

"But, yeah, I'm not really building a man cave so much. A Wrexham man cave. I think at this point it's just my house.

"Stuff is going kind of wherever I choose. But Wrexham, it's one of the greatest prides of my life, so why wouldn't I?"

McElhenney also collecting souvenirs

It's not just Reynolds who is keeping memorabilia of the club's rise through the divisions, but also his co-owner Rob McElhenney.

"It's funny that you mentioned the collectibles because, right off camera, this is a bit of the pitch after my first win, which, if you recall correctly, came way too late," he added.

Ryan Reynolds joins Wrexham's open-top bus paradeLAPRESSE

"So I have that preserved, I have a plate that's coming for it.

"And then this, which I keep nearby, looks like paraphernalia, this is just a bit of pitch from the ladies win. When the ladies won so, yeah, we're taking keepsakes every time we go."

The pair are true fans of the club that they have come to own.

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