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Tom Brady remains silent on rumors he may play for Raiders: Is he amused that everyone wants him back?

A few days ago it was announced that Tom Brady would buy a percent of the shares of the Las Vegas Raiders, with this, the former NFL player, would be co-owner of the team. Days later it was announced that Jimmy Garoppolo was injured and would be out for several months, so the rumor of Brady's return to the field began to emerge.

Brady announced his retirement from the NFL, this time for good, we must remember that he already came back once from retirement, the former quarterback made it clear that he was not interested in returning to play professionally, but it seems that fate wants him to return.

What would prevent Brady from returning to the Raiders?

Before learning of Garoppolo's injury, Brady sent to the NFL his intention to become a part owner of the Raiders, every time there is a new owner or co-owner the owners of the other teams have to approve it.

In the event that the owners approve Tom taking a share of the Raiders, it would be virtually impossible for him to play for the team. What would have to happen is for all owners to vote unanimously for the former Patriots player to be able to play.

Since the rumors of a possible return have surfaced, Tom Brady has not made any statement, nor has he expressed any intention of returning to play.

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