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Tyson Fury reveals how much money Oleksandr Usyk rejected to fight him

We completely get that Tyson Fury might be one of the biggest box office draws in the sport of boxing today. He is arguably amongst the best heavyweights of all time at this point, but this has always been a matter of principle for Oleksandr Usyk. When negotiations for a potential undisputed heavyweight championship bout began, Usyk's team knew Tyson Fury would want the biggest piece of the pie. They initially agreed on a set of terms that would make Usyk the most money he's ever made for a single fight. However, the utter disrespect from Tyson and his father directed at the Ukrainian boxer was what made him back down from the deal. We didn't exactly know how much money he gave up on but we do now.

Fact is he is a b***h ass p***y boy. Ran from 13 million pounds and now taking 6 million dollars. Joker.

Tyson Fury on Oleksandr Usyk

Usyk gives up on how much money?!

In one of his recent Instagram videos, Tyson Fury made a startling revelation of how much money Oleksandr Usyk gave up on. The sum is quite substantial but this only goes to show that there are many things far more important than money. earning respect by respecting your opponents is more important for Usyk. In hindsight, getting the shorter end of the stick was almost obvious for Usyk because he is not a massive box office draw. But there are lines that the Fury camp shouldn't have crossed and got under Oleksandr Usyk's skin. From potentially making $15 million against Fury to making less than half of that against Daniel Dubois. That's how much Oleksandr Usyk rejected.

In fact, promoter Alexander Krassyuk rejects the claim that his clieant would've made far more money fighting Fury than anybody else. He claimed during an interview on Seconds Out, that Usyk was going to make three times less money than what he made fighting Anthony Joshua. According to the promoter, Usyk was reportedly paid around $65 million for his second fight against Anthony Joshua. That is almost six times more money than what Tyson Fury offered him. If any of this is true, Tyson Fury has been utterly disrespectful against the man who holds the most belts out of both of them. Here's to hoping they can reach an agreement and we get to see them fight.

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