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Warriors in trouble as Draymond Green and Jordan Poole still can't get along

The Golden State Warriors eliminated the Sacramento Kings on the road Sunday to secure a Western Conference Semifinals berth against the Los Angeles Lakers, but there seems to be trouble in paradise. During Game 6, Draymond Green was pushed off by Jordan Poole, who looked to be bothered.

Only Stephen Curry's leadership will be able to save Golden State from the Lakers, who are coming off a 40-point victory over the Memphis Grizzlies.

Draymond Green was told the world had saw one of his worst momentsTwitter: @JamesBurnes8

Curry, 35, saw the way Poole ignored Green and he instantly went up to the young player, likely telling him to fix his attitude.

Green, 33, stood idly by, watching Curry defend him. The veteran big man has been coming off the bench for the Warriors and continues to do everything in his power to get a win.

Poole, 23, seemingly does not repect Green's voice, which is what led to the original incident of getting punched in the face by his older and bigger teammate.

Why was Jordan Poole mad?

When Curry saw Poole's action against Green, he removed his mouthguard, yelled "Hey" and confronted him.

Poole, who had missed three straight shots prior to the timeout, never looked up at Curry.

The world's greatest shooter then dapped up Green as if to say that he has his back.

It's important to note that no further incident occurred between the two in the closeout match. Game 1 of the WCS is Tuesday at Chase Center.

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