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Explosive celebrations in Denver: Jokic and Murray drive a tank during Nuggets' victory parade

The scenes were jubilant in Denver today as the players of the victorious NBA franchise enjoyed their victory parade after their historic win against the Miami Heat earlier in the week.

The Mile High City was filled with half a million fans who took to the streets to celebrate their NBA Finals win.

There have been plenty of hilarious and iconic moments from the parade that will likely go down in the history of the club and be fondly remembered by fans for years to come.

Head coach Michael Malone as well as Jokic and Jamal Murray Malone stole the show. The former could be seen wearing a T-shirt which had a photo of the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy and the hilarious caption "put that in your pipe and smoke it" on it. That sentiment continued throughout the day, as Malone sprayed champagne into the huge crowds of people.

From the top of a firetruck, the coach also promised more glory in the near future. "We're not done yet. We're some greedy bastards, baby. We're some greedy bastards. We're getting another one," he shouted.

In the case of Jokic and Murray, fans couldn't believe their eyes when the two pulled up in what appeared to be a tank-like vehicle and proceeded to show off their trophies to fans.

It's since been confirmed that it was actually an armored vehicle commonly used by swat teams, but even so, it doesn't take away from the bizarre choice of transport chosen by the two stars.

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