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Jackson Mahomes is no longer hiding: He reappears in Las Vegas with family to support Patrick in The Match

Despite the constant criticism and attention-seeking allegations surrounding the Mahomes family, their support for Patrick Mahomes remains evident.

This support extends to both his wife and younger brother, Jackson, who has been absent from the public eye due to serious allegations and a stint in jail.

Randi Mahomes expresses her support for son Jackson after he was accused of sexual harassment

However, it seems that Jackson has resurfaced alongside the rest of the family, coinciding with a significant event in his elder brother's career.


In recent weeks, there has been a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement within the NFL and NBA communities. Fans eagerly awaited 'The Match,' an cross-sport tournament set to take place in Las Vegas.

Patrick Mahomes, along with his teammate Travis Kelce, will compete in the eighth edition of this event. Adding to the excitement, Mahomes' mother, Randi, shared a story on her Instagram page featuring Jackson and Mia at the same location.

Randi posted a photo of a breakfast with the kids at the Wynn Field Club, which is also the venue where Patrick Mahomes will face off against Stephen Curry.

The caption accompanying the photo, "Breakfast with my loves," indicates the joyous atmosphere shared by the family.

In the picture, Jackson and Mia can be seen smiling, surrounded by a table filled with delicious food and beverages. Furthermore, the restaurant in the background suggests that it was likely filled with enthusiastic patrons gathering for the highly anticipated game.

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