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John Gotti III speaks after Mayweather brawl: You're a punk b**ch and an enemy for life

John Gotti III has spoken from the heart following the controversy that surrounded his exhibition fight with Floyd Mayweather, which became a mass brawl.

When that fight was stopped, a brawl broke out and the entire event was plunged into chaos.

Mayweather vs Gotti III: the moment all hell broke loose after the fightIG/@ubi.salim

The fight took place in Florida on Sunday but it was stopped in the sixth round by referee Kenny Bayless, who was not happy with the amount of trash-talking that was going on.

The decision sparked a mass brawl and lots of violence, meaning the entire event lost a lot of credibility.

Gotti quickly launched a flurry of punches at Mayweather and then roughly 50 people burst into the ring. Meanwhile, there were other fights all over the FLA Live Arena.

Gotti takes to social media to blast Mayweather

"Punk b**ch Floyd Mayweather, you my enemy for life," he posted on an Instagram story, accompanied by an aerial shot of the melee.

He also suggested that he has Conor McGregor on his side, tagging the Irishman's account and asking for "back-up".

There was also a very serious threat from Gotti's sister, Nicolette, who took aim at Mayweather's daughter.

"Floyd Mayweather, your daughter was ran through by an animal with 12 different baby mamas, you little circus animal," she wrote.

"You're all a pack of zoo animals. I swear on my kids I'm coming for your daughter.

"It may be two years, three years from now, but I'm coming c***."

It has clearly gotten very toxic and it doesn't seem the trash-talking will stop any time soon.

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