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Julius Randle on "slow fat" Jokic's improvement

When Nikola Jokic was drafted deep in the second round of the 2014 NBA Draft by the Denver Nuggets, few could have envisioned the career that the now-28-year-old has gone on to have.

New York Knicks forward Julius Randle, also from the class of 2014, is just one of those who 'The Joker' has surprised.

The Serbian was selected as the 41st overall pick in 2014 and was initially stashed overseas by the Nuggets, returning to Serbia to play another year for Mega Basket.

The 2015/16 season was his first as a Nugget and an NBA player and he ended it as a contender for Rookie of the Year and was named in the All-Rookie First Team.

Randle was picked seventh in that same 2014 Draft by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic is guarded by Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (R)JOHN G. MABANGLOEFE

The 28-year-old, a two-time All-Star, is now with the New York Knicks and he has been speaking about the impact Jokic has made on Paul George's show 'Podcast P'.

"The Joker, bro. I remember that," said Randle.

"I remember, like, my second year, and we had played against him, and I'm just like because he was killing.

"I'm like, man, why is this dude a killer? Slow, fat. He ain't nice like that, right? It's in my head, bro. He came he played here [scored] like 25."

"Crazy" improvement from Jokic

From "slow" and "fat" to an NBA champion, Finals MVP, two-times regular season MVP, five-time All-Star and three-times All-NBA First Team.

The progress Jokic has made since being an unfancied draft-and-stash second-rounder is incredible.

"I'm like, man, how the hell this happened, bro? It's crazy," said Randle.

"You talk about getting better. It's crazy to see him."

Jokic was the star man as the Denver Nuggets won their first ever NBA Championship this past season, averaging 30 points and 13.5 rebounds per game in the Playoffs.

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