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Scottie Pippen Jr. and Marcus Jordan bond via NBA talk reveals Larsa Pippen

Larsa Pippen recently revealed that her four children "love" Marcus Jordan, who bonds with Scottie Pippen Jr. via NBA talk, and talks to 21-year-old Preston Pippen about fashion.

Pippen Jr., 22, plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and is currently on a two-way contract with their G League affiliate, the South Bay Lakers. Both he and Marcus understand what it's like to live in the shadow of their fathers.

Larsa Pippen hottest looks put social media on fire

"[My kids], they love Marcus," Larsa said. "Like, they love him and I feel like we talk about the same things. So when I'm talking to my older son Scotty about basketball, Marcus is in on the conversation. [Then when I am] talking to my son Preston about fashion, Marcus has a clothing store - he has a boutique - so he chimes in. It is just an easy fit for our family."

Larsa, 48, also said in an interview with US Weekly earlier this week that she and Scottie Pippen Sr. do not discuss their romantic relationships.

"Once we broke up, I feel like I never asked [Scottie] about his personal life. He's never asked me about my personal life," Larsa said. "I think the only conversations we've ever had after we broke up [were] really about our kids."

Does Marcus Jordan get along with Larsa Pippen's kids?

Marcus, 32, was also present in the interview. They were promoting their new Separation Anxiety podcast and he chimed in on his relationship with Larsa's children.

"I feel like her children are a little older in age," Marcus said. "I feel like if you're dating someone with younger kids, then maybe you need to instill your perspective on them in a different way. But I feel like Larsa's relationship with her children - she's best friends with them. They talk every day. And so, it's one of the things that I admire about her.

"For me, it's more [like] I'm a fly on the wall. They have their conversations and wherever I can chime in that makes sense - I try to do so. But I think because we're closer in age, I think that that we have a lot in common. I'm just happy that they've received me so well."

Pippen Sr., 57, has been in a constant battle against Michael Jordan ever since The Last Dance was released. He feels that MJ made him and their other teammates look bad while glorifying himself.

Larsa doesn't care about Scottie Pippen vs. Michael Jordan

Many fans believe Pippen Sr. is lashing out at his former Chicago Bulls teammate because Marcus is dating Larsa.

Larsa said in a promo for the podcast that she and Marcus won't let their last names get in the way of their love.

She has also stated, however, that both of their families are happy for them and support the relationship.

Larsa and Marcus opened up about how their love blossomed during the first episode of Separation Anxiety. Pippen Sr. then went viral for posing with the world's tallest model.

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